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Game 102 Recap: White Sox 9, Red Sox 2

I am going to look on the bright side here. Last week when I wrote a game recap, the Sox had lost their fifth in a row. Today, it is only their third in a row.  Also in the plus column, the Cole Hamels saga has now come to an end and it turns out the Red Sox were never really even in the running.  Now that we can get rid of any extra false hope for the season or the future, let’s get to the game!

Top Play (WPA): Mercifully, Adam Eaton (.101) provided the game’s top play early as he led off with a solo shot to start the disastrous evening.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take the hint and I continued to watch the entire game.  It didn’t get any better from here.  The White Sox produced the top seven plays of the game with the Red Sox contributing little to no excitement.

Bottom Play (WPA): Since we can’t count Pablo Sandoval’s sixth inning exit due to “dehydration” as a bottom play, we will have to rely on the actual event.

In the sixth inning Xander Bogaerts (-.040) was up to bat with Brock Holt at first base and no outs.  Instead of cashing in on the opportunity as he has done so often this year, Bogaerts grounded into a double play and the inning ended without any offense from the good guys.

Key Moment: The damage was done early in this contest, but perhaps the most damaging psychological blow to the already weakened Porcello happened in the first inning with an error charged to Brock Holt.  Adam LaRoche hit a long single off the monster, which was fielded somewhat cleanly by Hanley Ramirez.  The throw from Han-Ram left a little to be desired and Holt wasn’t able to come up with it.  Melky Cabrera was able to capitalize on the error and score, putting more doubt in my mind that good things can still happen on a baseball field in Boston.

Trend to Watch: Twitter is blazing right now with real and fake trades being processed by the minute.  I am looking at you Jon Heyman.  The trade deadline is nearing and the most fun you can have is to refresh your twitter feed waiting to see what the Red Sox may be able to get for Alejandro De Aza, Mike Napoli and other spare parts with little trade value.

Coming Next: Likely more pain, but as Harvey Dent says, “The night is darkest just before the dawn.”

Photo by Greg M. Cooper/USA Today Sports Images

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