BP Boston Predicts The Pennants

Hello there! It’s us again, the writers here at BP Boston. We understand that it’s been a long, cold, boring winter, but hey, important baseball will be played tomorrow — and will continue to be played for seven whole months! That’s pretty great.

So, because we have an innate desire to be right, especially about baseball, we’ve put together our predictions on how the season will go. Some will be right on the money, while others will look wildly outlandish by the time November rolls back around. But that’s okay! That’s what makes this fun, and when it’s all said and done, we’ll all have those moments where we won’t get something, just like Mookie Betts:


 It’ll never get old. So before we all do, here’s BP Boston’s predictions.


American League

AL East AL Central AL West AL Wild Card
Cowett Red Sox Indians Astros Yankees & Twins
Devereaux Red Sox Indians Astros Yankees & Angels
Ellis Yankees Indians Astros Red Sox & Twins
Kory Red Sox Indians Astros Yankees & Angels
Poarch Red Sox Indians Astros Yankees & Angels

National League

NL East NL Central NL West NL Wild Card
Cowett Nationals Cubs Dodgers DBacks & Cardinals
Devereaux Nationals Cubs Dodgers Cardinals & Brewers
Ellis Nationals Cubs Dodgers Cardinals & Phillies
Kory Nationals Cubs Dodgers DBacks & Cardinals
Poarch Nationals Cubs Dodgers Brewers & DBacks


AL Pennant NL Pennant World Series Champs
Cowett Astros Dodgers Los Angeles Dodgers
Devereaux Red Sox Nationals Washington Nationals
Ellis Indians Dodgers Los Angeles Dodgers
Kory Astros Dodgers Los Angeles Dodgers
Poarch Astros Dodgers Houston Astros

Major Awards

Cowett Mike Trout Chris Sale Shohei Ohtani Paul Goldschmidt Max Scherzer Ronald Acuña
Devereaux Mike Trout Chris Sale Franklin Perez Bryce Harper Max Scherzer Ronald Acuña
Ellis Mike Trout Justin Verlander Eloy Jimenez Anthony Rendon  Max Scherzer Ronald Acuña
Kory Mike Trout Chris Sale Michael Kopech Nolan Arenado Clayton Kershaw Scott Kingery
Poarch Mike Trout Chris Sale Shohei Ohtani Paul Goldschmidt Clayton Kershaw Ronald Acuña

Photo by Steve Mitchell — USA TODAY Sports

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3 comments on “BP Boston Predicts The Pennants”


I’m as passionate a Red Sox fan as they come (dating to 1972, when they managed to finish a half-game out of first place), but picking them over the Yankees in the AL East is delusional homerism, plain and simple.

Horace Fury

Maybe, maybe not. It seems likely to me that the chances of Stanton and Judge repeating their boffo years are almost nil. Severino was great, but he wasn’t the year before, . . . so 2018? Bird is down, Gleiber showed nothing (he’s young!), the Sanchise can pass balls with the best of them, and the manager is in an on-the-job training program (it’s not the same with Cora). There are intimations of fallibility in the NYY–they are neither significantly better nor worse than the Sox, so it’s probably going to be as close as most people and pundits see it. You don’t have to practice blind boosterism to get the Sox into this contest.

Horace Fury

Of course, after Opening Day, we could say the season is pretty much over. Severino and Stanton are great, and the Sox bullpen can blow anything up. I’m SO ready for Kelly’s free agency. See you in 2019!

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