BP Boston Staff

Ben Carsley is the managing editor of BP Boston. His work has appeared in Baseball Prospectus 2015 and 2016, both the 2014 and 2015 Baseball Prospectus Futures Guides and at FOXSports.com, Over The Monster, NESN.com, BU Today, Bleacher Report, Firebrand of the AL and many other internet baseball websites. Ben also serves as a senior author for the BP Fantasy Team and as host of the TINO podcast. When he’s not writing about or watching baseball, Ben enjoys cooking, sampling IPAs, re-reading Faulkner novels, teaching people how to SEO and trying too hard on Twitter. He promises he liked Xander Bogaerts before you did. He is responsible for the increase in comments about Joe Kelly’s stuff. Follow him @BenCarsley.

Alex Skillin is an editor at BP Boston. He was born in Maine, graduated from Boston University and now resides in Brooklyn. He also writes for SB Nation’s MLB hub, The Hardball Times and Over the Monster, among other places. At this point, he’s just counting down the days until Pedro’s Hall of Fame induction speech.

Matthew Kory
is a columnist at BP Boston and co-author of the hilarious Baseball Prospectus Hit List power rankings. He also writes at Forbes, and has been published at Fox Sports, Vice, The Classical, Sports on Earth, and other internet places. He has contributed chapters to the actual books, “The Baseball Prospectus Annual 2013,” and “The Hall of Nearly Great.” He likes good beer, bad movies, and cats of all types. When he’s not writing, beering, or catting, he does family things with his family in Portland, Oregon, where he lives with his family. His great hope is to one day re-do his kitchen, a task which his beautiful wife will wisely never, ever, ever, ever, let him attempt. Follow him on Twitter @mattymatty2000.

Matt Collins is a columnist at BP Boston and has been writing about baseball in some capacity since the start of the 2011 season. You can find his writing at the main BP fantasy page, Over the Monster and SB Nation MLB. He’s on the Twitter machine @RedSox_Thoughts. Matt is a Massachusetts native born and raised in Haverhill and has been a Sox fan his whole life. He’s also a UMass Amherst alum and will brag about their sports team every ten years when they actually have a good one.

Jake Devereaux is a columnist and podcast host at BP Boston. Jake joined Baseball Professor as a writer in 2013, and began writing for The Dynasty Guru in 2014.  At Baseball Professor Jake co-founded the Daily Profcast and the Dynasty Desk. Jake grew up in Massachusetts and is a life-long Red Sox fan, but moved to Washington, D.C. in 2009 after graduating from Brandeis University. After six years of living in DC he’s used to being asked if the Red Sox are in town when he realizes he left the house in half a Red Sox uniform. When not podcasting, watching the Sox, or writing about some obscure prospect, he can be found cooking, going to museums, dressing in 18th century garb while making whiskey or tweeting @DevJake.


Brett Cowett is a columnist at BP Boston and a student at Arizona State University, double majoring in journalism & geography. He’s been writing at Fire Brand of the American League since 2012, and spent time at the Arizona Republic as a copy editor in 2014.  Born in Oklahoma City and raised in southern California, Brett grew up a Red Sox fan due to his father’s fandom, with a pilgrimage to Fenway Park in 2002 cementing his passion for the team. If you ask him, his proudest achievement would probably be writing the Power Rankings blurb for the Sox on ESPN for the 2014 season, or winning the first ever fantasy baseball league he was in – Brett’s still not sure.

Chris Teeter is an author at BP Boston and a Red Sox fan living in Fredericton, New Brunswick. His academic training as a cognitive psychologist led him to an interest in the analytical side of baseball. For the last couple of years he has been writing about the game, primarily at Beyond the Box Score, where he is currently an editor and featured writer. You can follow Chris on Twitter @c_mcgeets.

Bryan Joiner is an author at BP Boston and a news producer who gets considerably less crap than you’d expect as a lifelong Red Sox fan living in Brooklyn. He likes sports, crossword puzzles and walking his new baby daughter; dislikes talking about himself in the third person, and worships the one true king, Pedro Martinez.

Dustin Palmateer is an editor at BP Boston. He has contributed articles at Baseball Prospectus on topics ranging from the Alex Gordon World Series play to the correlation between college pitch counts and injuries. He also writes about the San Diego Padres at Padres Public, and has published previously unseen baseball analysis at a now-defunct site called The Chiefly. When not thinking about baseball he enjoys spending time with his family in upstate New York, making ill-fated wagers on horse races, and attending the occasional independent professional wrestling show. You can follow him on Twitter @sacbuntdustin.

Cam Ellis is an author at BP Boston. He grew up in Washington D.C. and graduated from the University of North Carolina – Wilmington. When he was little, he told his dad – who grew up in Boston – that he wanted to be an Orioles fan, but his dad said “no, you’re a Red Sox fan” so he’s been a Red Sox fan ever since. Just to really hammer the point home, in college he got a tattoo of the Red Sox logo. It hurt. Now, Cam lives in D.C. and, among other things, helps Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic’s coverage of the Washington Nationals. He eats a lot of gummy worms.

Nick Canelas is an author at BP Boston. A recent graduate of the University of Massachusetts, Nick worked four years as a reporter and editor at The Massachusetts Daily Collegian, one of New England’s largest student-run newspapers. A Lowell native, he’s covered events ranging from Division I college sports to superior court trials, and after being inspired by The Hunger Games wrote a feature story about archery. He wrote about Major League Baseball for the first time as an intern at WEEI.com in the summer of 2014, and is crazy enough to try turning it into a career. He’s been published in the Boston Herald, Charlotte Observer, Springfield Republican and Nashua Telegraph, among other publications.

Josh Slavin is an author at BP Boston and a student at Tufts University. He works during the school year as a sports editor for the Tufts Daily newspaper. He is also a current intern at Comcast SportsNet New England and past intern at WEEI.com. He’s lived his whole life in Boston and been a Sox fan the whole time. Likes include pizza and chocolate and political satire. He doesn’t respect you as a person if you lost faith in Xander Bogaerts during the 2014 season. He’ll respect you a lot more as a person if you follow him on Twitter @josh_slavin.