The Red Seat: Episode 53 – Red Sox vs Astros Preview with Ben Lindbergh

In Episode 53 of “The Red Seat”, Jake Devereaux (@DevJake) and Bryan Joiner (@bryanjoiner) are joined by Ben Lindbergh (@BenLindbergh) to discuss the latest his career and to preview the playoffs. Topics include:

  • How did Ben Lindbergh come to write and podcast for The Ringer?
  • What was his journey like?
  • What was Ben’s experience running the Sonoma Stompers baseball club with Sam Miller?
  • What kinds of things should Red Sox fans be aware of as the team enters the divisional series vs the Houston Astros?
  • Who wins the series?
  • Does any of that matter because the Cleveland Indians are just so good?
  • The guys all make World Series predictions.


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