Game 118 Recap: Mookie Betts 5, Orioles 3

Mookie Betts. No really, that’s all there is to it.

Top Play (WPA)

Mookie Betts. .327 WPA. Eck’s reaction to this is superb.

Bottom Play (WPA)

Not Mookie Betts, but Brad Ziegler did his job (again), and Xander Bogaerts wasn’t about to let Mark Trumbo’s grounder get past him. That twin killing was worth a -.151 WPA. The lack of Mookie Betts is somewhat tolerable, I guess.

Key Moment

Mookie Betts’ second bomb of the game.

“Against the Orioles – they have no answer!” – Dave O’Brien, doing a great job on this one.

Trend To Watch

More homers from Mookie Betts, I guess?

Also Eduardo Rodriguez is unhittable. Four hitless innings with seven strikeouts before getting taken out because of hamstring tightness. You’d have to go all the way back to June to find a start where he gave up more than three runs, and for most of that span, he has been between good and absolutely dominant. Welcome back, Eddie. We missed you.

Coming Next

More games, which means more chances for Mookie Betts to hit more homers. This time it’ll be against Dylan Bundy, one of the few Orioles pitchers he hasn’t personally victimized like some sort of athletic Regina George. The Red Sox will send out David Price in what might be his biggest start of the year so far.

Photo by Tommy Gilligan/USA Today Sports Images

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