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Ask BP Boston: Will They Stay or Will They Go?

We wouldn’t be a baseball blog if we didn’t post offseason predictions that will inevitably be wrong. With Dave Dombrowski in town, Red Sox fans don’t really know what to expect; a quiet offseason, a massive blockbuster trade and any scenario in between all seem in play.

Over the past two weeks, most BP Boston authors have published 2017 Offseason Oracle┬ácolumns in which we’ve gone in depth over what we think will happen (not what we think should happen) this offseason. Go read them. For a quick overview of what we think is in Boston’s future, refer to this handy chart:

Screen Shot 2016-11-20 at 7.39.30 PM

Look forward to our “where we went wrong” post in March!

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5 comments on “Ask BP Boston: Will They Stay or Will They Go?”

Matthew Kory

In case anyone is curious about the percentages, here they are:

Bradley: 86 percent “Yes”
Uehara: 0%
Tazawa: 0%
Swihart: 71%
Moncada: 71%
Devers: 43%
Kopech: 100%
Dubon: 57%

Encarnacion: 14%
Bautista: 0%
Hill: 0%
Jansen: 14%
Chapman: 0%
Melancon: 0%
Beltran: 71%
Holliday: 0%
Ramos: 0%


Those are straight percentages. I’d like to see them weighted by respective past PAAR (Prediction Accuracy Above Random) performance in past offseasons.

Matthew Kory

So would I! And please feel free to do so!


I believe that Koji is worth another year. He still has value as he showed at the end of 2016 coming off the injury.

Matthew Kory

He may get another year, and it might even be from Boston, but they’ll probably explore other opportunities first.

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