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From BP: Dave Dombrowski Loves David Price

Reportedly signed LHP David Price to a seven-year deal worth $217 million. [12/1]

David Price is the most expensive pitcher in the history of baseball, and he’s a Boston Red Sox. The Dave Dombrowski era is real and it is spectacular.

Often times, we look at personnel changing organizations and the way teams are lined up and connect dots that aren’t really there. We’ve been reading about the “ Dombrowski + big payroll + bad rotation = David Price” equation since the moment former Tigers GM landed at Logan. It was almost too obvious.

And yet, oddly enough, the GM known for handing out mega-deals to starting pitchers gave a mega-deal to a great starting pitcher. A team with money to spend and a gaping hole in their rotation coughed up an eye-popping amount of cash to fill that hole with aplomb. And Dave Dombrowski has now traded for, traded away and signed David Price in the span of about 18 months.

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You guys are really good writers. I mean BP is known for analytics etc but it’s great to read well written articles too.

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