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Game 119 Recap: Red Sox 8, Orioles 1

Mookie Betts really can do it all. One night after single-handedly carrying the Red Sox to a win, he blessed the rains down in Africa/Baltimore, creating a torrential downpour that cut the game short. His WeSC (weather systems created) rate is higher than anyone else’s and quite frankly it’s not even close.  Give him the MVP. Give him next year’s MVP too.

Top Play (WPA)

Mookie Betts Jackie Bradley Jr. hit a two-run homer with two outs in the third inning scoring Mookie Betts wait yeah it actually was Mookie (.213).

Bradley’s been hitting .190/.292/.333 with a .626 OPS over the last two weeks, so hopefully this dinger helps him get back on track.

Bottom Play (WPA)

Dustin Pedroia lined out to left in the second inning (-.067). This particular line out is an especially large bummer because it was Pedroia’s 33rd birthday and no one deserves to have their name attached to the worst play of the game on their birthday. Additionally, he also made an error. Worst of all, however, is that it was his birthday and while I’m not in my 30s yet I imagine that’s around the time that birthdays begin to betray you.

Quick Shouts 

Weather – The official MLB rulebook required the teams to wait an hour before calling the game, but everyone knew the deal. The rain-shortened affair probably helped the team get on a plane to Detroit earlier than expected (editor’s note: maybe not) and definitely helped a bullpen that is best used in minimal doses or arguably not at all. The Red Sox’s next off day is September 1, so every little bit helps.

David Price – Six innings, four hits, one run, four strikeouts. That works just fine. Minus the home run he allowed to Chris Davis, Price pitched well. Good stuff.

Sandy Leon – Sweet, sweet Sandy Leon. There are two dozen incredibly intriguing and entertaining storylines to the 2016 Red Sox and yours is probably the most intriguing and definitely the most entertaining. Another home run tonight, his sixth this year, put the game away in the 5th. He quite literally brought the thunder. Sandy Leon brings the thunder.

What’s next

The Detroit Tigers at 1pm. It will be Clay Buchholz (and a well rested bullpen!) vs Matt Boyd. Prepare for offense.

Photo by Tommy Gilligan/USA Today Sports Images

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Mookie is smooth, but I’m not sure he’s Toto-smooth.

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